SPG, Inc is an Aerospace company that was founded in 1999 to advance state-of-the-art propulsion and power generation technologies.

Facilities including the areas where the fabrication and material/component testing operations are conducted are located in Butte, Montana. The business office is located in Silicon Valley.

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Technologies & Projects

SPG's main focus is to develop technologies that are inherently safe, cost effective and environmentally friendly. Innovative thinking is the key driver to SPG's simple but elegant solutions to the technological challenges.

Propulsion related technologies have a broad range of applicability to terrestrial and space systems which include orbital and suborbital launch vehicles, upper stages, in-space propulsion, target drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

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Services & Products

SPG has extensive experience and capability in modeling, designing, analyzing and testing of thermal and combustion systems. This unique one-stop-shop capability allows SPG to generate solutions in a quick and cost effective manner.

SPG's products include hybrid propulsion systems, fast burning hybrid rocket fuel grains and safety devices for nitrous oxide systems.

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Recent News

Lift off: From Butte to Mars, local rocket fuel developers say it's possible

(Montana Standard - December 2017)

It's conceivable that one day NASA scientists will be able to hold soil taken from Mars — thanks to an aerospace program based in Butte.

Butte aerospace company poised to take off in 2018

(ButteNews.net - November 2017)

Butte has long known how to bring rocks from the earth; now Butte joins the effort to take them from the sky.

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