Fuel Grain Production

SPG is the world leader in the formulation, casting, and processing of high regression rate hybrid rocket fuels. Our fuels technology allows us to design formulations for specific attributes such as regression rate, structural strength, glass transition temperature and toughness among others. In addition, our base fuel matrix is highly hydrophobic which enables formulations using high-energy additives such as aluminum, lithium hydride, magnesium or boron.

SPG also has substantial experience in composite structural wrapping of fuel grains. Flight weight combustion chambers can be built with composite winding directly bonded to the fuel grain. Our composite overwrap technology works as both a stiffener and a liner allowing close to 100% fuel utilization.

SPG now has capability to cast grains up to 36-inches in diameter and 14 feet long. Two 22-inch OD paraffin fuel grains (700 kg each), which are believed to be the world’s largest monolithic pieces made out of paraffin wax, have been successfully fabricated using the existing facilities (see below). These fuel grains will be burned in the 24-inch hybrid motor.

Our processing techniques can easily be scaled to larger sizes as applications require.

fuel grain production