aerospace companySPG's philosophy is to reduce cost, reduce environmental impact, and increase safety of propulsion and power generation systems through the development of innovative technologies.

After almost 60 years, lifting people and things into space continues to be one of the most difficult engineering challenges man faces. Access to space is one of the most important forces shaping modern culture, providing humanity with worldwide communications, weather prediction, global positioning, environmental sensing and the opportunity to explore distant worlds. But the high cost and risk of space access limits the ability of government and the private sector to realize the full benefits of space.

We at SPG believe that propulsion drives the cost of access to space and that complexity generally drives propulsion system cost. We strive to lower the cost, failure rate, and barriers to entry by developing propulsion systems with reduced complexity and increased reliability. SPG systems are characterized by:

  • Mechanical and chemical simplicity
  • Fewer subsystems
  • Ease of manufacture
  • Lower environmental impact

It is widely accepted that the transitioning from fossil fuels to green and sustainable energy sources/carriers is one of the most important challenges that mankind presently faces. SPG strongly believes that ammonia, which has the highest hydrogen density among practical materials, could potentially play a central role as an energy carrier/storage medium, particularly in the power generation mode. One of SPG’s missions is to help enable the use of ammonia as a fuel by developing technologies to burn it efficiently and cleanly in the existing gas turbine power generation systems.