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Hybrid Rocket Propulsion

SPG is involved in all aspects of hybrid propulsion system design, modeling, testing, fabrication and qualification. Our engineering team can take a propulsion system from the mission requirements stage to flight production​

Fabrication & Prototyping

Every project has a hands-on component at SPG and we try to maximize our in-house capabilities. SPG houses a full machine shop with CNC capability and offers metal fabrication services. SPG also offers composite fabrication services, ranging from ablative insulators to filament-wound composite structures. This one-stop-shop approach allows SPG to generate solutions in a quick and cost-effective manner.

Testing Capabilities

Testing and modeling go hand-in-hand in development of new systems. Our team is specialized in a diverse array of disciplines from precision machining to hardware fabrication to data acquisition and control. This breadth of knowledge coupled with our hands-on ability enables us to perform high quality, low cost testing.

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Hybrid Rocket Propolsion

Testing Capabilities


Research & Development

Clean Energy & Power Generation


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