Modeling & Analysis

At SPG, we believe in analysis as a fundamentally critical tool in technology development. Every one of our projects contains a modeling effort aimed at gaining a better understanding of the underlying physics involved. This saves time, money and testing effort and will universally deliver a better result.

SPG uses proprietary tools and commercially available design codes. Some of the tools developed in-house include:

  • Hybrid propulsion ballistics including tools for predicting motor stability and efficiency

  • Hybrid rocket fuel regression rate models

  • Analytical and numerical models for elastic, plastic and viscoelastic structural behavior of solid fuels

  • Structural failure models including creep rupture and modified von Mises

  • Multidisciplinary launch vehicle simulation and optimization

  • Nitrous Oxide ignition and flame propagation models

  • Vented explosion models for propellant tanks allowing design of safety devices

  • Accurate propellant property models

  • Two-phase injector models

Our team is capable of analyzing a broad range of problems. We attempt to understand the underlying physics in any problem and apply engineering judgement in developing our own tools. Our use of commercial codes is always backed by analytic models and a good understanding of the fundamentals involved. Some of the software packages used for analysis at SPG include LS-Dyna, Matlab, NEI NASTRAN COMSOL, GMSH/GetDP, Cantera, and CEA.