SPG is created to advance state-of-the-art propulsion and advanced energy technologies. SPG’s main focus is to develop technologies that are inherently safe, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

Modeling & Analysis

At SPG, we believe in analysis as a fundamentally critical tool in technology development. Every one of our projects contains a modeling effort aimed at gaining a better understanding of the underlying physics involved. This saves time, money and testing effort and will universally deliver a better result.

Testing Capability

Testing and modeling go hand-in-hand in development of new systems. Our team is extremely competent in a diverse array of disciplines from precision machining to plumbing to electronics. This breadth of knowledge coupled with our hands-on ability enables us to perform high quality, low cost testing.

Fabrication & Prototyping

SPG maintains a full machine shop in-house (including CNC capability) as well as tools for heavy metal fabrication, welding, electronics development and high pressure plumbing. Our grain casting and composite overwrap is done at the Sunnyvale facility. Every project has a hands-on component at SPG and we try to maximize our in-house capabilities.

Hybrid Motor Development

SPG has a variety of hybrid motors to offer to its customers at thrust levels ranging from 10 lbf to 30,000 lbf. Oxidizers that are available with these systems are liquid oxygen, nitrous oxide and Nytrox. Motors case options are carbon composite or metal (aluminum titanium or steel).